9 Tips & Tricks that Pinterest Pros will love!

February 23, 2016

9 Tips & Tricks that Pinterest Pros Will Love!

9 Tips & Tricks that Pinterest Pros will love! – About a year ago, I published an article unveiling 10 little-known Pinterest tips and tricks. It remains a hugely successful blogpost, so I decided it was time for another round of tricks. Here are some more of my favourite tricks that all Pinterest Pros will love!

Pinterest shares with custom Pin It links

I recently came across this ingenious custom Pin It link trick. It makes use of a Pinterest URL Generator tool that can be downloaded here. It is based on the same principle as the “Tweet this” type of links. The tool helps you to generate a CTA that links to Pinterest. This “Pin It” link can be placed almost anywhere in any type of content, on any type of platform.

When clicked on, it will launch the Pinterest “Pick a board” interface and will show the image to be pinned (as configured in the URL generator). The maximum URL length when using this tool is 250 characters. It is perfect for cross promotion on social platforms or e-mail campaigns.

Take a look at this example – Try it! >>> Save

 To learn how to create these custom Pin It links, read this article by Brittany Berger on the Business 2 Community blog.

Increase click-through rates by embedding bigger pins

Although it was always possible to embed pins on websites, there was only one size option. Recently Pinterest added two more sizes, making it possible to add bigger embedded pins, making the pins more eye-catching and click-worthy! To start embedding pins, head on over to the Pinterest widget builder.

Find out which pins bring in the most traffic

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website, there’s a very simple way to find out which pins bring most traffic to you website. The pins that are getting a high number of repins on Pinterest, may not necessarily be the ones that bring you most traffic. To find out which pins are bringing you traffic, log in to Google Analytics, click through via Acquisitions => All Traffic => Referrals => Pinterest.com. Click on Pinterest.com and your top pins will be displayed. To see the images, click on the small icon to the right of the link. By default you will see that last 30 days, but you can select any date range.


Grow Your E-Commerce Sales with Pinterest

Defeat Pinner’s block with a Feedly list

Sometimes I spend a lot of time looking for the best content to repin on Pinterest. There are times when finding quality pins seems more difficult: the same content keeps coming up or beautiful looking pins link to content that is unrelated. I keep a list of favourite boards that I turn to when I need a little help. Use Feedly to help you keep track of what your favourite pinners are sharing on Pinterest.

All you need to do is create an RSS feed for your selected boards in Feedly by copying the URL of the board you want to keep track of in Feedly and replace the “/” at the end by “.rss”. Next step is to add this newly created feed to your Feedly account, et voilà: you now have a brand new feed for your favourite Pinterest boards. For more detailed information on how to do this, read this post on Fabulous Blogging

Hide tall images in a WordPress post

Did you know that you can prevent images on your blog posts from showing up whilst remaining pinnable? Vertical images work best on Pinterest. However, tall images may be difficult to place on a post and may not suit the visual style of your post. To hide tall images simply add the following code to your post using the HTML editor:

<div style="display:none;">

There’s an excellent blog post by Lindsay at Pinch of Yum which gives a clear explanation on how to add the code.

TIP: If your image code already contains a Style attribute, you can just wrap the image code with <div> tags and set your image style attribute to style=“display:none;”.

Perform A/B testing with secret WordPress images

It is possible to add more than one hidden image in your posts. Now that you know how to hide an image within your post, add some more and do some A/B testing. Test different images and see which ones your readers prefer to pin.

Use IFTTT to automatically share pins with followers on social media

IFTTT is a website that connects different Internet services together and automates tasks. It has many ready-made recipes to automate Pinterest activities. Some examples:

  • Tweet when a new Pin is added to your board
  • Pin your new Instagram photos to a board
  • Automatically pin your Facebook photos when you add #pin in the caption
  • Automatically share new pins from a board you specify to Facebook

Share LinkedIn publications on Pinterest

In one of his blog posts, Dr. Gary Sharpe of Blue Dog Scientific provides a great alternative to compensate for the lack of the Pinterest button on LinkedIn Pulse articles. He has created a Pinterest board containing articles published on LinkedIn. This board can then be embedded on blog posts and web pages.

Using Pinterest for keyword research (instead of the Google Keyword Planner!)

SEO professionals are starting to use Pinterest search to find transactional phrases that are used by pinners to find content. Potential buyers come to Pinterest for inspiration and the search terms they enter provide valuable SEO data. Want to know more about using Pinterest as an SEO data source for your business? Read this article by Clay Cazier on the Search Engine Land blog.

Do you have any other Pinterest tips and tricks? Share them in a comment below!

9 TIPS & TRICKS THAT PINTEREST PROS WILL LOVE! – Here are some of my favourite (and little-known!) tricks that all Pinterest Pros will love!

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9 Tips & Tricks that Pinterest Pros Will Love! | Pinterest for Business

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