Smart travel brands inspire on Pinterest!

For many travellers dreaming about their next vacation starts on Pinterest. With new, tailored features just for hotels, rental companies and travel brands, this is the perfect time to shift some of your marketing budget to a positive space where wanderlust truly sparks!

From inspiration to reservation. Get ready to board!

We help hotels and travel companies transform dreamers into lookers and bookers. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider building your travel brand's presence on Pinterest: 

Inspire early-stage travel decisions

A vast majority of Pinterest users approach the platform with an open mind, eager for travel inspiration but often without a fixed destination. For your travel brand, this is the perfect moment! By curating a selection of compelling images and informative content, you can directly influence these early-stage travel decisions.

High travel intent and value

Travel is a hugely popular vertical on Pinterest. Almost 70 million Pinterest users show an interest in travel content each month. Did you know that they have a much higher travel intent in comparison to users on other platforms? They're 25% more likely to be travel enthusiasts and twice as likely to have invested over $5000 on upscale travel experiences in the past year. 

New features for travel advertising

'Travel Catalog' is a brand new advertising format, available for hotels and rental companies, allowing you to easily upload your travel products. Once uploaded, catalog items are turned into ads with details like brand, price, and descriptions. Booking holiday accommodation is now as easy as clicking on an ad, taking them straight to your booking site from Pinterest.

Travel Catalog ad examples for exotic holiday

Travel Catalog Ad example

More Travel Tools on the Horizon...

Travel Catalogs are initially rolling out for hotels and rental companies. But, other booking types such as flights aren't too far behind on Pinterest's to-do list. They're also working on cool features like deep linking, taking users straight into your travel app. Plus, they're testing new lead ad formats to help advertisers collect contact details from a high intent audience in a (soon to be) cookieless world.

Pinterest earns revenue solely from advertising. So, when someone books thanks to the platform, there are zero commission or booking fees. Another great reason to start inspiring those travel daydreamers with your travel offers!

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"I worked with Mary and her team for a project in the e-commerce space and it was simply put, one of the best agency client relationships I have had. The work they did for us was both strategic and also executional, which simply means they did the thinking about what segments we were going to attack on Pinterest on our behalf and then developed and designed a suite of ads that solve problems for each target audience to garner clicks and engagement back to our site to deliver sales.

Mary and the team were so insightful when it came to Pinterest and so lovely it was a pleasure to work with them and would be happy to highly recommend them for any Pinterest project/s for your business in the future."

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"Mary and team have been looking after our Pinterest ads for quite a while now. They have, by and large, been one of the best agencies I have worked with. They come to meetings with ideas, insights, recommendations, and a genuine care for the work they do. Since working with them, we have seen tremendous growth in revenue from this channel and continue to hit milestones and reduce cost per acquisition.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with Mary and her team. You'll see the value of working with them from day one."

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