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June 7, 2024

Pinterest for Shopify: 5 Steps to Turn Pins into Sales!

Are you making the most of Pinterest for your Shopify store? Imagine turning your entire product catalogue into shoppable pins that pop up for window shoppers on Pinterest. Yes, it's possible! Let's dive into how you can boost your Shopify store sales by harnessing the power of Pinterest for Shopify. Get ready to see your pins translate into profits!

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Why use Pinterest for your Shopify store?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. It's a place to get discovered by people who don't know you yet. If you want to buy Nike running shoes, you'll head over to their website or another online marketplace. You don't go to Pinterest. However, if you're looking for eco-friendly party decorations or small garden ideas, Pinterest is your go-to place.

People use specific keywords to find inspiration and are exposed to brands and products they never knew existed. By connecting your Shopify store to Pinterest and using these keywords in your product descriptions, they may discover yours!

Besides getting your products in front of a new audience, there are other good reasons to set up shop on Pinterest:

  • Pinterest has 518 million active users worldwide.
  • Generate high quality traffic and leads. Send traffic to your online store using direct links in your Pins.
  • Show off your product catalogue on Pinterest and boost online sales.
  • Improve your Google ranking. Publishing content on Pinterest increases qualified visits to your website, which influences your Google ranking. Pinterest content can even appear on Google search results pages, if you use the right keywords. 

1. Set up your Pinterest account for your Shopify store

Before you connect your Shopify store to Pinterest, you need to have a few things in place first:

  • Create a Pinterest business account. If you already have an account, check if it is business account. If not, convert it from personal to business. 
  • Claim your website on Pinterest
  • Review Pinterest's merchant guidelines to ensure that you meet their merchant criteria.  

2. Connect your Shopify store to Pinterest

By connecting your Shopify store to Pinterest, your entire product catalogue will surface organically on Pinterest with up-to-date product information.  It's super simple to set up. Just pop over to Shopify and install the Pinterest app. This nifty tool links your Shopify site with your Pinterest business account seamlessly. Next, add the Pinterest sales channel to your store. Need a step-by-step guide? Check out Connect your Shopify store to your account for all the details you need to get started with Pinterest for your Shopify store.

Connecting Pinterest as a sales channel in your Shopify store has a number of benefits:


Gain conversion insights and build target audiences based on actions people take on your site

By granting Pinterest access to your store, the app will install the Pinterest tag for you on your Shopify site. The tag is similar to the Facebook pixel and will track visitors and actions on your site, such as the products people view or purchase. Shopify then feeds that information back to Pinterest. You can use this data as input for any future ad campaigns you may decide to run.


Show off your products and turn them into shoppable product pins

Adding the Pinterest sales channel to your store also connects your product catalogue to Pinterest. The app will automatically upload all your products to Pinterest. Your product information will always be up to date on Pinterest, because it pulls live information from your products. Best of all, these product pins are directly linked to the items in your store. When people click through, they're taken straight to the product page in your online store!

3. Apply for Verified Merchant status

Have you ever spotted that sleek blue badge next to the page title on some Pinterest accounts? That badge is a mark of distinction, signalling that the account is verified and has been attributed Verified Merchant status. It’s a trust signal, telling viewers that the account has been vetted by Pinterest. 

Pinterest for Shopify - VM status example with blue tick

Earning Verified Merchant status on Pinterest isn't just a badge of honour—it comes with a whole host of benefits! Not only does it build trust with your audience, it often leads to increased engagement and sales, as users are more likely to shop from accounts that are verified. Here are some of the perks it unlocks:

  • It gives your brand some serious street cred, because it indicates that your e-commerce store is a trusted business that meets Pinterest's merchant guidelines.
  • Products from verified merchants are eligible for increased exposure, such as being included in a listing of related products that shows just below a similar product that you're viewing.
  • A blue button with a clear call to action right below your product pin title.
  • Up-to-date price and availability information shows on all your product pins
  • USA only - Hosted checkout allows users to check out directly within the Pinterest app. Online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if the process is easy.

You can apply for Verified Merchant status via the Business hub on your Pinterest account or or by following this linkBut first, make sure you're all set: connect your product catalogue to Pinterest, ensure the Pinterest tag is properly installed on your Shopify store website, and check that you meet Pinterest's Merchant Guidelines. Getting these ducks in a row will increase your chances of obtaining that precious Verified Merchant badge!

Pinterest for Shopify - VM blue button example

As a Verified Merchant your products may get shown in a "More to explore" listing and a call to action button is clearly visible on your product pin.

4. Seed your products to grow brand awareness and leads

Marketing your products on Pinterest is a longterm game. Think of it as "seeding," where you consistently "plant" your product images across the platform to capture the attention of your target audience. This needs to be strategic and regular to really make an impact.

To get your product pins popping up in home feeds, search results, and shoppable pin feeds like related product listings, they need to be finely tuned for Pinterest's algorithm. Plus, it’s crucial to keep sharing organic content regularly to maintain engagement.

So, ready to level up your Pinterest strategy? Here are some essential tactics to start with:

Create eye-catching Lifestyle images of your products


When it comes to a great idea, people know it when they see it. Make sure your images inspire to act. Create remarkable visuals in vertical format. Lifestyle images that show your product being used work best. You need to get noticed to get clicks!

Add keyword-rich pin titles & descriptions


Pinterest is a search engine. List the keywords and key phrases that people use to find your products. Use them in pin titles and descriptions so that your products start turning up in search results and feeds. Your products need to get found to get them noticed!

Pin daily


Pin "fresh" content every day. Fresh Pins are defined by Pinterest as images or videos that haven't been seen before. Find out more about fresh content.

Our favourite Pinterest scheduler is Tailwind. It enables you to post pins automatically at times when your audience is most active. 

Product marketing mistakes to avoid on Pinterest 

Here are some of the most common missteps brands make when trying to showcase their products on Pinterest. From overlooking the power of SEO in pin descriptions to inconsistent pinning or ignoring the latest trends, these errors can hamper your success. Let’s break them down so you can avoid them and optimise your Pinterest for Shopify marketing effectiveness!


  • Give your products names that people actually search for.
  • Pin inspirational images that show your product being used, i.e. lifestyle images, videos, story pins in vertical format.
  • Create vertical pins from horizontal and square product images. Crop and/or collate to turn horizontal into vertical!
  • Have a custom 404 page to redirect traffic from sold-out products, because pins stay on Pinterest forever!


  • Give your products or their properties exotic names. People search for a light pink cashmere scarf, not a "misty rose signature fashion accessory".
  • Repin product catalogue images that show the product on a white background without any context. People come to Pinterest to be inspired. Show them what your product can do for them.
  • Pin horizontal or square product images. They tend to go unnoticed in the Pinterest feed.

5. Advertise on Pinterest

Looking for a powerful way to boost your Pinterest impact? Promoting your pins might just be the secret sauce you need! Promoted pins work just like your regular pins, but with a twist—they come with an advertising budget. This means they show up in search results and users' feeds, dramatically increasing your chances of driving traffic and sales.

There are countless creative ways to promote your products. For instance, once you've linked your Shopify store catalogue to Pinterest, you can start promoting entire product groups. Even cooler, you can use dynamic retargeting to reach Pinterest users who've already visited your site or who have items lingering in their shopping carts.

Are you ready to link your Shopify store and transform Pinterest into a valuable asset for your online business? Let's get started and turn those pins into profits!

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Pinterest for Shopify: How to Turn Pins into Profits!

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