Smart online stores are getting ready for Q4 on Pinterest now!

eCom directors, marketing managers, and online travel agents - if you're planning to give Q4 holiday sales a boost with Pinterest this year, then it's time to get started right now!

Now is the perfect time to prepare your online store for the 2023 festive and winter season on Pinterest. 

New to Pinterest?

Keen to give your products and offers visibility with paid ads on Pinterest in the run up for the 2023 holidays, but you're not set up on Pinterest? 

Start now. Set up your account. You'll miss the boat if you wait until October!

Here's why

Because Pinterest needs time to learn about your brand and your products. Setting up an SEO optimized account and sharing organic content for a few weeks will teach the algorithm what your brand is all about.

Not only that, the organic activity helps to collect data to support any future paid ad campaigns.

Have a Pinterest account, but no clear strategy?

You plan to run holiday ads in Q4, but your account is inactive (you pin less than 1x per week) and/or it's in need of a clean-up?

Now's a good time to clean up and optimize for SEO and give Pinterest sufficient time to index your content ahead of the holiday season.

Here's why

The Pinterest algorithm LOVES active accounts and keywords. Pinterest is a visual search engine. An SEO optimized account with keywords that are relevant for your brand is essential to get your content distributed to a targeted audience.

Pinterest needs time to index your content. To maximize results, now's the time to fine-tune your account.

Want to acquire qualified leads cheaply for retargeting in Q4?

Ever thought about using Pinterest to create top of funnel audiences now and then retarget them later?

Collect leads for Q4 now - prepare retargeting audiences in Q3 when ad cost is lower.

Here's why

You can acquire highly qualified leads with Pinterest by running ads to reach a new audience. Help people discover your brand and products on Pinterest and collect the clicks on your ads for retargeting when people are ready to buy - and reduce advertising cost on other platforms in the process! ;)

On Pinterest, Christmas is just around the corner...

People start looking for and collecting Christmas decor, holiday gift ideas and winter travel plans as early as September! Q4 is the busiest time of the year on Pinterest. Will they find your products whilst planning their end-of-year projects?

Let's talk!

Pinterest marketing is our specialty and that is ALL we do. Just Pinterest! We work with online retailers and brands in a wide range of industries. 

Want to learn more about how to get ready on Pinterest for the 2023 festive season? Book a free call.

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