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Pinterest Doing Right by the Planet According to 2024 ESG Impact Report


Pinterest has released its 2024 environmental, social and governance (ESG) Impact Report as part of its commitment to creating a more “inspired internet and better world”

18 July 2024  | Read more

Billboard Launches Exclusive Pinterest Boards Celebrating the Best of Latin Music


Billboard is excited to partner with Pinterest to reveal an exclusive board featuring editorial content curated by Billboard’s editors. The boards, brought to you by Pinterest, aims to showcase the multifaceted nature of Latin music, highlighting both its traditional roots and the journey that has resulted in Latin music genres being among the most popular in the world.

16 July 2024  |

Pinterest Outlines AI Background Generation Process for Product Shots


Pinterest is developing its own AI text-to-image generation process, though Pinterest’s approach is slightly different to what you’re seeing in other apps. As outlined in a new overview from the Pinterest Engineering team, Pinterest’s “Canvas” model aims to provide generated options for product backgrounds, without altering the product shot itself as the main focus.

15 July 2024  |

Primal Kitchen Partners with Pinterest on Multi-City Pop-Up


Condiments brand Primal Kitchen is hitting the road this month for cooking pop-up in partnership with Pinterest. Called the Colorful Kitchen pop-up, Primal Kitchen and Pinterest will be hosting events in three cities where influencers will serve custom bites and snacks made with Primal Kitchen condiments while also sharing cooking tips.

10 July 2024  |

Pinterest Strengthens UK Sales Team with Key Senior Hires


Pinterest is enhancing its UK sales team with two significant appointments this summer. Caroline Orange-Northey has been named Director or Retail Sales, while Naureen Mohammed will take on the role of Director of CPF Sales.

9 July 2024  |

Inspired by Gen Z, Pinterest users can now turn boards into videos for sharing on Instagram and TikTok


Pinterest is reimagining its app for the TikTok era. Catering to Gen Z’s demand for video-focused features, the company on Tuesday announced it will now allow users to create short videos of their curated Pinterest boards, designed to be shared on social media.

26 June 2024  |

Pinterest's Chief Revenue Officer: We're Proving Users Can Be Happy, Engaged & Lucrative For Marketers


Pinterest’s chief revenue officer Bill Watkins has told B&T that it was not a “surprise” to him that 2024 was the company’s biggest Cannes ever, citing the growth of its full-funnel offering and its import to marketers looking to reach high-intent customers who in distinctly brand safe environments whilst retaining scale.

25 June 2024  |

Why Influencer Marketing on Pinterest Has Huge Potential for B2C Businesses


In many ways, working with an influencer on Pinterest is very different from marketing on other social media channels. Thus, any brand contemplating influencer marketing for Pinterest will need to change their mindset on how to go about it.

24 June 2024  |

More Brands are Turning to Pinterest for its Gen-Z Audience and Organic Growth Potential


Late last year, luxury brands told Glossy that Pinterest was emerging as an important marketing channel to reach their customers. Now, brands are catching up on to another important demographic they can reach on Pinterest: Gen Z.

20 June 2024  |

Pinterest Is the Latest to Offer an AI-Powered Media Buying Tool, Called (Naturally) Performance+

Pinterest is introducing Performance+, its version of artificial-intelligence-powered media buying tools similar to Meta Advantage+ and Google Performance Max.
“The key difference with Performance+ campaigns from traditional campaigns is that the setup is optimized to drive the maximum performance possible for advertisers on Pinterest with significantly less effort,” 

14 June 2024  |

Introducing new AI tools for creative and performance, and brand safety updates

In advance of Cannes Lions, Pinterest is sharing new details about how they are leveraging AI to produce creative, improve campaign performance and measure brand safety for advertisers.

13 June 2024  |

Ganni CEO Talks ‘Progressive Luxury’ at the Vogue Business and Pinterest Event

In her first interview since taking on the role of Ganni CEO, Laura Du Rusquec spoke about her priorities for the Danish label — its elevation strategy, its retail expansion and why retaining authenticity will remain key as the brand grows. [...] Then, Kelly Emanuelli, head of luxury at Pinterest and Alexandra Bolten-Mercadier, global head of social and content marketing at L’Oréal, delivered closing remarks on the evolving attitudes of luxury consumers online.

12 June 2024  |

Pinterest Launches Promotional Campaign to Highlight Discovery

Pinterest has launched another new promotional campaign as it seeks to boost awareness among potential ad partners, this time by highlighting the benefits of the platform in connecting users with a wide variety of interests.

10 June 2024  |

Report Shows Pinterest Drives More Total Attention Than Other Apps

Pinterest has published a new study which underlines the value of aiming for both “passive” and “active” attention within your promotions, which can help to drive more interest, and action, in response to your ads.

5 June 2024  |

Pinterest in Time100 Most Influential Companies 2024

With its virtual pinboards providing inspiration for cooking, fashion, home renovations, and other projects, Pinterest has become a refuge from rage-baiting social media cesspools. Young people and the brands trying to reach them have taken notice.

31 May 2024  |

Pinterest Expands Inclusion Fund With Shopify Partnership

Pinterest has announced a new expansion of its Pinterest Inclusion Fund, which provides support for creators from underrepresented communities in order to help them grow and cultivate their business potential in the app. And now, Pinterest will be able to provide even more support on this front, with Shopify coming on board as a partner for the initiative.

30 May 2024  |

Pinterest Poaches Spotify’s Beth Horn to Scale UK Business

Pinterest has poached Spotify’s director of sales, Beth Horn, to be its UK managing director. Horn will be responsible for leading Pinterest’s sales strategy and execution in the UK, including heading the sales team and supporting relationships with advertisers. She begins on 24 June and will report to Milka Privodanova, Pinterest’s vice-president, head of EMEA sales.

29 May 2024  |

Pinterest’s Full-Funnel Performance: A Seamless Shopping Experience

Pinterest’s full-funnel performance: A seamless shopping experience
The boom in social media advertising has been largely driven by its ability to create cost effective awareness in the upper funnel, but platforms such as Pinterest are creating tools that help drive engagement right through to conversion.

27 May 2024  |

The Pinterest Summer 2024 Trend Report: Embrace big, bold style

This summer, trending searches show that people are embracing a bold and fearless approach to showcasing their unique tastes and personalities across all facets of their lives. From inventive twists on traditional summer foods and memorable dinner parties to colorful and eclectic decor choices that reflect individuality and flair, summer 2024 is all about breaking free from convention and letting personal style shine.

23 May 2024  |

Seven and Pinterest Come Together to Help Viewers Curate their Own Dream Home

In an Australian first for Pinterest, the platform has partnered with The Seven Network to launch an integrated experience in the new home renovation series, Dream Home. The partnership will capitalise on the room reveals in the new show, which launches 7pm Sunday, 26 May, on Channel Seven and 7plus. The partnership will allow viewers and Pinterest users to explore the room reveals, curate their own “dream homes” online and buy products from key program sponsors.

23 May 2024  |

Pinterest Shares New Report into Gen Z User Trends

If you’re looking to get a better handle on the interests of Gen Z, there’s one platform that you should turn to: Pinterest. Okay, maybe not, but according to Pinterest, it is becoming a bigger focus for young, shopping-ready audiences.

22 May 2024  |

Brands are Making Room for Pinterest in their Ad Budgets

Some brands are adding Pinterest back into their advertising budgets as the scrapbook-style social media company intensifies its online shopping push. “Pinterest is having a bit of a rebirth,” said Jack Johnston, senior social innovation director at Tinuiti. “What we’re seeing in the first quarter of this year is everyone came out of the gate incredibly strong, so Pinterest investment was up 45% agency-wide.” Johnston isn’t alone.

21 May 2024  |

Unwrap Success: Pinterest's Festive Formula for Christmas Joy

Many Pinterest users are avid planners, and Christmas is one of the biggest occasions on the calendar to organise. With numerous gifts to buy as well as celebrations and family activities to pack in, appetite for inspiration and festive ideas starts as early as the summer months with some pinners updating their boards all year round. For brands, too, Christmas is crucial. The Q4 golden quarter is when they can make a large proportion of their sales and profits.

17 May 2024  |

Pinterest Moves into Print with Shoppable Issue of Real Simple

Real Simple magazine will launch its first-ever shoppable issue in partnership with Pinterest on May 17. Under the theme “Best & Brightest,” the issue spotlights 120 products alongside QR codes that link each section of the magazine to corresponding Pinterest boards where users can buy the products they see.

16 May 2024  |

CEO says Pinterest’s Growth Strategy Centers on Positivity’ not ‘Engagement via Enragement’

Pinterest CEO Bill Ready told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday the company is attracting new users, especially those in Generation Z, by focusing on positive content.
“Gen Z will tell you one of the biggest reasons they come to Pinterest is they see it as an oasis away from the toxicity they experience elsewhere on social media,” Ready said.

16 May 2024  |

Pinterest Hires Former Levi Strauss CEO to Board of Directors

Pinterest has announced the appointment of Charles "Chip" Bergh, the former CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., to its Board of Directors, effective May 9. This adds another seasoned industry expert to Pinterest's leadership team. Chip Bergh brings over four decades of retail experience to Pinterest's board. He is recognized for transforming retail and consumer packaged goods brands throughout his career.

14 May 2024  |

Pinterest Adds New Media buyer Certification Course

Pinterest has added another certification within its Pinterest Academy education element, with a new “Media Buyer” certification course now available to all users. Pinterest’s Media Buyer certification will enable media pros to showcase their Pin expertise, and is available for free to all Pinterest Academy subscribers.

9 May 2024  |

Is Pinterest The Golden Retriever Of Social Media?

[...] When people are tired of dealing with the constant intake of other people’s lives, ideas, and commentary, Pinterest provides a much-appreciated break. Now, users who struggle with burnout and opinion fatigue say it’s the one corner of the internet where they can really ~ chill out.

6 May 2024  |

‘Ads are Seen as Content’: How Pinterest is Attracting Gen Z as it Achieves Record Growth

In its Q1 earnings report, Pinterest has recorded its highest quarter of user growth and revenue growth, surpassing half a billion users. Melinda Petrunoff, Australian country manager at Pinterest, told Mediaweek it is “an incredibly exciting moment for the business.”

6 May 2024  |

Pinterest Says its AI-Powered Collages are Now More Engaging Than Pins

In the summer of 2022, Pinterest quietly launched a new iOS app called Shuffles that allowed people to put together collages using photos and image cutouts from its website. The app took off with Gen Z users, and the functionality later became integrated into Pinterest itself. Now the company says its collage feature, which is powered by AI and computer vision technologies, is seeing three times the engagement of its traditional Pins.

2 May 2024  |

Pinterest’s Latest Performance Update Shows Massive Rise In Active Users In Q1 Of 2024 With Steady Increase In Revenue

Pinterest’s latest earnings call for the first quarter of 2024 portrays positive results for the company including a decent increase in active users. The content discovery platform was also able to maintain a steady rise in revenue across the board during this time period which has been a consistent finding for the company YoY.

1 May 2024  |

Pinterest Shares Insight into Summer Travel Trends

With the warmer months approaching in the U.S., Pinterest has provided a new overview of rising travel trends in the app, which could be helpful for marketers seeking to tap into holiday-themed opportunities. Because while it may not get the attention that other social platforms do, Pinterest remains a key destination for travel-based research.

24 April 2024  |

Not-So-New Kid on the Block: Pinterest Moves in on Museums

The platform is making use of its reputation as a visual search engine to collaborate with art institutions. After a fashion: Pinterest has joined with the Victoria and Albert Museum to create four videos of the museum’s sold-out exhibition focusing on the couturier Gabrielle Chanel

3 April 2024  |

24 Must-Know Pinterest Stats for Marketers in 2024

Pinterest is a visual social media platform great for many different industries and types of brands. However, to decide on whether Pinterest is right for your brand, it’s a good idea to take a look at some Pinterest stats. Having a basic understanding of social media statistics gives you an idea of the type of people who use the social media platform, if they fit into your audience and what people expect from brands on each platform.

2 April 2024  |

Pinterest Shares Insights into How to Optimize Social Platform Algorithms for Positive Engagement

Pinterest has shared a new overview of the “non-engagement signals” that it uses to refine its algorithms, and improve user experiences, in order to avoid going on direct engagement indicators alone. Because by focusing on explicit engagement signals, like Likes, comments, etc., that can lead to negative outcomes.

28 March 2024  |

Pinterest Announces Trend Tips and an IRL Activation for Coachella 2024

Pinterest is heading to Coachella 2024, and to celebrate, it’s published some new data on expected Coachella trends, along with festival outfit inspiration for those preparing for the event.

20 March 2024  |

Pinterest Restructures Global Communications Function

Pinterest’s newly minted VP and global head of communications Caroline Nolan is restructuring the company’s communications function. Nolan, who joined Pinterest in October, is reporting to chief marketing and communications officer Andréa Mallard. In December, Nolan brought on Mao-Lin Shen for the newly created role of senior director of comms, based in New York; last month, she hired Caite Ray as director of internal executive comms [...].

14 March 2024  |

Pinterest Rolls Out its ‘Body Type Ranges’ Tool to the US

Pinterest announced today that its tool for filtering searches by different body types has officially rolled out to users in the U.S. The platform started experimenting with the feature last year and is currently testing it in Canada. As part of today’s launch, Pinterest now features size-inclusive brands on its search landing page, including Eloquii, Ganni, Mara Hoffman, Osei Duro, Gia / Irl, and more.

12 March 2024  |

Pinterest Shares New Tips on How Marketers Can Maximize Inclusion in Their Messaging

Pinterest has shared some new notes on how brands can incorporate inclusivity into their marketing and advertising approaches, in order to ensure that their messaging speaks to more consumers, and connects with a broader spectrum of people. Diversity has long been a key focus for Pinterest, from its skin tone search filters, to hair type discovery options, to its more recent addition of body shape filters.

11 March 2024  |

Pinterest Shares Insights into Key Wedding Trends in the App

Pinterest has shared some new data on wedding-related searches in the app, and the key wedding trends that are gaining traction among Pinterest users. And weddings are a big focus in the app. Pinterest says that more than 10 billion wedding ideas were saved by pinners in 2023 alone, while many wedding planners also rely on the platform to map out ideas

8 March 2024  |

Junkee Media & Pinterest Australia Partner for "Quiet Pride" Content Series

Junkee Media and Pinterest Australia recently partnered for the publisher’s first content series with Pinterest, aiming to empower and inspire Gen Z LGBTQIA+ Aussies to celebrate Pride in the ways most authentic to them. The new series, exploring the theme of “Quiet Pride” delves into LGBTQIA+ trends and topics over 230 pins Junkee and Punkee’s Pinterest accounts [...].

7 March 2024  |

Leading Pinterest & Tourism Australia Marketers Join Cairns Crocodiles Awards Jury

Stacy Malone (right), Pinterest’s VP of global business marketing and Sarah Gallon (left), Tourism Australia’s general manager – brand, campaign and media, are the latest leading marketers to join the inaugural Cairns Crocodiles Awards jury.

5 March 2024  |

Eight Fast Facts From The Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide

How agencies can use Pinterest’s trend report to help clients stay ahead of the curve. In a world moving at the speed of culture, brands not only have to maintain relevance, they need to stay ahead of the next big thing—a task they often charge their agencies with. It can be a daunting effort, but a new Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide released last month in the U.S., UK and Canada was developed to lighten the load.

1 March 2024  |

Pinterest Launches New Campaign To Highlight the Opportunities of Pin Ads

Pinterest has launched a new global ad campaign to promote its evolving ad tools, which takes a comedic approach to highlighting the platform’s value for marketers.

22 February 2024  |

Pinterest Debuts Its First Streaming Show: ‘Deliciously Entertaining’ Features Lance Bass, Trixie Mattel, Joy Cho and More

Pinterest is readying the launch of its first-ever streaming show, cooking and lifestyle series [...]. Deliciously Entertaining” is one of Pinterest’s biggest original productions to date, developed and produced in partnership with media company Tastemade. The 10-episode series premieres Friday (Feb. 23), with new episodes to follow every other week, available for free on Tastemade’s streaming channel and apps.

21 February 2024  |

Pinterest Highlights Key Color Trends for 2024

Which colors are going to dominate trends throughout 2024? Pinterest has put together a new “Pinterest Palette” color trends overview, which is based on the dominant colors from Pins identified within its Pinterest Predicts report.

16 February 2024  |

Pinterest Adds New Collaboration Features to Business Manager

After previewing its upcoming Business Manager refresh at its Pinterest Presents event in September last year, Pinterest is now rolling out its latest updates to the app, which will make it easier to manage your Pin campaigns through collaboration with other staff.

15 February 2024  |

Pinterest Adds More Users in Q4, Announces New Google Ad Partnership

Pinterest added more users again in Q4, while also unveiling a new ad partnership with Google, which will help to boost its monetization potential.

9 February 2024  |

Anthropologie Partners with Pinterest for Wedding-Themed Pop-Up in NYC

Anthropologie has teamed up with Pinterest to showcase some of the year’s biggest wedding trends alongside its Anthropologie Weddings bridal collection in a new pop-up in New York City. [...] The shop features an immersive experience that also incorporates décor and lifestyle products from fellow URBN brands AnthroLiving and Terrain.

5 February 2024  |

Pinterest Partners With Coachella to Connect With Gen Z

Pinterest is heading to Coachella to meet face-to-face with people behind its recent resurgence: Generation Z. For many years, the visualization platform has been the go-to place for festival-goers to help create mood boards and plan out their fashion, makeup, beauty and hair looks. And this year, the app is heading to the desert to help its users turn their dreams into reality.

5 February 2024  |

Pinterest Publishes New Agency Guide to Pin Marketing in 2024

Pinterest has published a new “Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide”, which takes a more brand-specific look at the platform’s overall predictions report, and provides additional tips for marketers looking to tap into these trends.

1 February 2024  |

Pinterest Shares Tips to Help Optimize Your In-App Product Listings

Pinterest has shared some new tips on how to optimize your product feed in the app, in order to improve the performance of your Pin listings, and create a more responsive in-app presence.

30 January 2024  |

The Top Home Trends For 2024, According To The Pinterest Predicts Report

[...] This year, Pinterest put out the Pinterest Predicts report, which is described as the “not-yet-trending report that shares emerging trends for the coming year.” If you’re interested in refreshing your home for the new year and trying something new, tune in. Here’s what the Pinterest Predicts report says will be the top home design trends for 2024.

29 January 2024  |

Pinterest to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2023 Results

Pinterest, Inc. (NYSE: PINS) will release financial results for the fourth quarter and full year 2023 on Thursday, February 8th, 2024 after market close. The company will host its quarterly conference call to discuss these results at 1:30 p.m. PT (4:30 p.m. ET) on the same day.

23 January 2024  |

Pinterest and Victoria & Albert Museum Team Up Via Exclusive Gabrielle Chanel Exhibition Video Series

Produced by the social media giant, the V&A will host a series of four videos on its Pinterest profile showcasing the exhibition’s key themes [...]. Each video will use footage filmed at the exhibition to explore the history, evolution and legacy of Gabrielle Chanel, showcasing how fashion can be a tool of empowerment and creativity in everyday life.

12 January 2024  |

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