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July 3, 2024

Pinterest Trends Tool: How to Use it to Boost Paid Ads (2024)

Thinking about running a Pinterest advertising campaign? Before you dive in, take a moment to check out the Pinterest Trends Tool. This tool offers invaluable trend insights that can help you fine-tune your strategy and achieve better results. Using the data from Pinterest Trends, you can optimise your ad campaigns to reach your target audience more effectively. Read on to discover how you can use Pinterest Trends to set your paid ads up for success.

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1. What is the Pinterest Trends Tool?

As its name suggests, the Pinterest Trends Tool is a powerful keyword tool that shows you what’s trending and when. It reveals what people are searching for on Pinterest and the peak times for those searches. Just enter a keyword for a product you sell, and you’ll see search trends for that item over the past year. Plus, it shows related search terms and sub-niches for your keyword. 

You can access it via the Business Hub of your Pinterest account or at To give you an idea what the tool looks like and the kind of data it provides, here's an example for "barbecue":

Pinterest Trends graph showing USA 2024 results for barbecue

2. How to Use Pinterest Trends Tool to Boost Paid Ads

As you can see from the example above, Pinterest Trends offers incredibly relevant information on top search terms and trending topics. This insight is invaluable for planning both promoted and organic pin campaigns. Whether you're just starting or refining your strategy, Pinterest Trends is an excellent resource to guide your campaign planning. By leveraging these trends, you can ensure your content resonates with your audience at the right time. Now, let's dive into three effective ways to use Pinterest Trends to optimise your paid ads and achieve better results.


There's no better time for an advertising campaign than when people are looking for your product

On average, people start searching for inspiration for future projects about 45 days in advance. Take the barbecue example from the Pinterest Trends Tool. Data from the past 12 months reveals that the peak interest in barbecues in the US market is in July. Starting in early March, we see a steady rise in barbecue-related search queries. The high season runs from mid-May to mid-July, with a significant peak around the 4th of July.

If I were in the business of selling barbecues or related products, I'd definitely plan to run one or more advertising campaigns on Pinterest from mid-April to mid-July. By aligning with these trends, you can reach your audience right when they're most interested. The Pinterest Trends Tool makes it easy to pinpoint these key times and optimise your campaigns for maximum impact.


Speak their language whilst optimising for SEO

Getting the timing right for your paid advertising campaign is crucial, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Your product also needs to be discoverable, and that means getting in front of the right people. The suggested search terms match real searches on Pinterest, making it essential to use the Pinterest Trends Tool to ensure you're speaking the language of your potential customers. Are you using the keywords (and spelling variations!) that they use when searching for your product?

Take a look at the image above. You’ll see how using "barbecue," "barbeque," and "bbq" results in very different search volumes. Ignoring the term "bbq" in your ad copy could significantly reduce its reach. Keyword research is a vital part of ad planning and SEO optimisation. Besides the Pinterest Trends Tool, the Pinterest search bar and the keyword finder in the Pinterest Ads Manager are also excellent resources for keyword discovery.

Use these insights to craft optimal pin descriptions and titles. This way, you'll maximise your ad's visibility and ensure it resonates with your target audience. By leveraging the Pinterest Trends Tool and other keyword research tactics, you can fine-tune your campaign to achieve the best possible results.


Discover alternative marketing angles and target audiences 

Another great way to leverage Pinterest Trends is by associating other relevant keywords with your main product keyword(s) to discover what else people are searching for. Let’s stick with our barbecue example. By adding the word "outdoor" to your search, you can uncover additional related terms people are looking for, such as "outdoor grill" or "outdoor cooking." 

The Pinterest Trends Tool not only reveals these related keywords but also shows their historical search trends on the right. This insight helps you understand when these searches peak, giving you a comprehensive view of how to time and target your ads effectively. So, by broadening your keyword strategy and exploring related terms, you can tap into a wider audience and refine your campaign for even better results.

Image showing related keywords in Pinterest Trends tool

You can have a lot of fun experimenting with a range of keywords to uncover new ideas using the Pinterest Trends Tool. A great trick is to type your main keyword, add a space, and then another letter of the alphabet. This can reveal related trends that might not appear if you just typed the keyword alone. For instance, when you type "bbq b," you might find related searches like "bbq baby shower ideas" (see image below).

While it represents a smaller proportion of overall "bbq" searches, the search volume is still significant enough to be worth noting. Using the Pinterest Trends Tool in this way is a creative and effective method for brainstorming different angles for your Pinterest marketing strategy. By exploring these related trends, you can discover new niches and opportunities to enhance your campaigns and reach a broader audience.

Image showing deep dive into related trends with the Pinterest Trends tool

3 Ways to Use Pinterest Trends Tools to Optimise Paid Ads

Find out when they're looking


The best time for a marketing campaign is when consumers are actively searching and planning on Pinterest. Use Pinterest Trends for your niche to find out exactly what time of the year you can reach these folks on Pinterest.

Speak their language


Use Pinterest Trends to find the keywords (and spelling variations!) that your potential customers use on Pinterest when they're looking for your type of product. Use these keywords to optimise SEO and write the best pin descriptions and titles.

Find new Marketing angles


Associating other relevant keywords to your main product keywords, Pinterest Trends can help to generate new marketing insights.

Keep in mind that the trends you see in the Pinterest Trends Tool for one country won’t necessarily match the trends in other countries. Each region has its own unique interests and seasonal peaks, so it's crucial to ensure you're viewing trends specific to your country or region. This localised approach will help you tailor your campaigns more effectively.

The Pinterest Trends Tool is currently available in the countries and regions listed below, allowing you to tap into local insights and optimise your strategies accordingly:

Country trends:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Great Britain and Ireland
  • France
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

Regional trends:

  • Southern Europe (Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain)
  • Germanic countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Nordic countries (Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden)
  • Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg)
  • Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czechia)
  • Hispanic LatAm (Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico)
  • Australasia (Australia, New Zealand)

So, whether you’re planning a campaign for the US, Europe, or beyond, make sure to select the appropriate geographical location to get the most relevant data for your audience. This way, you can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions that resonate with your target market.

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Pinterest Trends Tool: How to Use it to Boost Paid Ads

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