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May 14, 2024

How to Create High-Converting Pinterest Images That Guarantee Clicks!

Ever wondered why some Pinterest images pop while others flop? Creating high-converting Pinterest images is crucial for catching eyes and stopping scrolls. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the art of crafting images that not only stand out but also drive clicks and conversions. Here’s everything you need to know to optimise your visuals and maximise your impact!

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Best practices for high-converting Pinterest images

Top-performing pins boast bright lighting, crisp framing, high-resolution images, and a touch of stylish text or effects. Also, most Pinterest users scroll on their mobile devices, so opting for a vertical aspect ratio is key. It's crucial that your content looks its best on small screens, grabbing attention and driving engagement. To make great pins:

Create inspiring, eye-catching content

  • Quality matters: Use compelling, high resolution images that stand out.
  • Go vertical:  Stick to a vertical aspect ratio, ideally 2:3 (1000 x 1500 pixels) to look great on mobile screens. Most pinners access the platform via a mobile device.
  • Avoid visual clutter: Focus on the main object(s) and keep the background simple. Minimalist backgrounds work best if you're optimising for clicks and saves.
  • Optimise image tone: Avoid very light or very dark images, as they tend to get repinned less often.
  • Add branding: Incorporate tasteful branding to make your content instantly recognisable. Avoid the lower-right corner, because it may get covered up by Pinterest product icons.

Provide context

  • Add text overlay: Use text overlays to deliver your message clearly and give it context.
  • Show them how: Feature how-to's or step-by-step guides.
  • Use real-life settings: Use models and real-life context to show how your product fits into everyday life.

Inspire viewers to save your content

  • Use bright high contrast colours: Colours grab attention and boost engagement, with contrasting palettes making your content pop and instantly drawing viewers in.
  • Add a call to action: Boost your visibility on Pinterest by actively encouraging your audience to save your pins. The more they engage with your content by saving and following, the more visibility you'll gain across the platform.
  • Optimise your pin copy: Add clear titles and descriptions that contain keywords to increase your chances of getting found.
  • Publish new content regularly: At least weekly, preferably daily

Examples of high-converting Pinterest images

Pinterest can be a great organic driver for almost any website. Eye-catching content is an important element to attract viewers. Now that you're familiar with the basic principles of crafting Pinterest visuals, let's take a look at some real-life examples to help you understand how to apply these principles effectively and see what makes a high-converting Pinterest image truly stand out and which ones miss the mark!

Create vertical images

Since most Pinterest traffic is mobile, it's crucial to optimise your content for smartphone users. Ensure your pins look sharp on mobile screens with clear, readable text. Also, if your pins link to a landing page, make sure it loads quickly and is mobile-friendly. A smooth, accessible mobile experience can significantly enhance engagement and effectiveness on Pinterest.

The standard recommended size for Pinterest pins is 1000 x 1500 px, fitting nicely into the ideal 2:3 aspect ratio. However, experimenting with different taller ratios, like 1:2, can also be effective, though there's a slight risk they might get cut off in the feed. 

High Converting Pinterest Images - Example of vertical Pinterest image
High Converting Pinterest Images - Example of horizontal Pinterest image

High-converting Pinterest images are clean and clear

Keep it clean and clear! Your Pinterest pins should capture attention without the clutter. Opt for simplicity, especially if you're adding text—make sure it's neat and easy to read. Each image should deliver a clear message, hinting at what viewers will find when they click through.

Intrigue your audience with a compelling message that sparks curiosity and drives them to click for more. Create pins that not only look great but also effectively communicate and entice.

High Converting Pinterest Images - Example of cluttered Pinterest image
High Converting Pinterest Images - Example of uncluttered Pinterest image

Lighten up!

Most graphic tools offer a feature to lighten your images, so don't be afraid to play around with exposure and saturation levels! A little adjustment can go a long way in enhancing the visual appeal of your pin.

Experiment to find the perfect balance that makes your images stand out. Tweaking these settings can be a game-changer to catch more eyes and attract more clicks!

High Converting Pinterest Images - Example of Light Pinterest image
High Converting Pinterest Images - Example of dark Pinterest image

Add text overlay

Getting your content in front of the right eyes on Pinterest is just the first step. Once it's there, you need to quickly grab viewers' attention and encourage them to click through. One effective way to do this is by adding text overlays to your pin images.

When using text overlays, keep the text brief, clear, and simple so it's easy to read at a glance. Make sure the text colour stands out against the background and that the font size is large enough to be easily legible without dominating the image.

The knit box example is easy to read and clearly displays what's on offer. Also, the text doesn’t take up too much space. On the other hand, the text on the image showing off a rug is extremely difficult to read and attention is drawn to the table and chairs rather than the rug.

High Converting Pinterest Images - Example of Text Overlay
High Converting Pinterest Images - Example of Text Overlay

Font pairing

You can use different fonts on an image to make it stand out more. For maximum impact, pair a light-colored font with a dark background, or vice versa. However, remember to keep it simple—stick to a maximum of two fonts per image to maintain clarity and cohesion. Choose fonts that are easy to read; steer clear of overly decorative, shadowed, or 3D styles. Also, be cautious with font pairing; avoid combining fonts from the same family (like serif with serif). For a deeper dive into font pairing, check out Canva's ultimate guide to font pairing.

Show them how!

When it comes to Pinterest creatives, it's crucial to show how a product fits into everyday life, not just the product itself. Highlight different ways your item can enhance daily routines. Image carousels and video content are especially effective for demonstrating ideas and products in action. Here are some great examples of both product demonstrations and how-to pins:

High Converting Pinterest Images - Example of Demo images

Use bright high contrast colours

The colours in Pinterest creatives aren't just about aesthetics, they're key to grabbing attention and boosting engagement. Using a palette of contrasting colours can make your content pop and immediately draw viewers' eyes to your pin.

Research shows that pins featuring a variety of bright, dominant colours tend to receive more than three times the repins compared to those with subdued or minimal colour. Additionally, pins that highlight warm hues like red, orange, and brown often get twice as many repins as those dominated by cooler tones like blue.

These examples from Starbucks and Caribbaby use vibrant colours that not only catch the eye but also enhance the likelihood of their pins being saved and shared.

High Converting Pinterest Images - Example with bright colours
High Converting Pinterest Images - Example with bright colours
High Converting Pinterest Images - Example with CTA on image
High Converting Pinterest Images - Example with CTA in title

Add a call to action

Incorporating a call to action (CTA) in your Pinterest creatives is crucial for guiding users towards the next step you want them to take, especially if you're aiming for clickthroughs rather than brand awareness. A clear CTA can significantly boost engagement by removing any guesswork about what steps to take next.

You can add CTAs directly on the visual of a Pinterest image such as "learn more", "buy now" or "repin". Whatever CTA you decide on, it should be clear, brief, and to the point.

The example from Boxhill has a clear directive which makes it easy for users to engage and click to learn more about their pool furniture. Alternatively, you can add a CTA in the pin title, such as "find out more" or "discover" as shown in the Iceland Adventure example.

Add your branding

Pinterest is a visual platform where users are presented with great-looking images everywhere they look. To make sure the users remember your creatives and to improve brand awareness, add your brand’s name, logo, and even your website URL to all of your pins. It ensures that even if users don’t click or interact with your content the first time they see it, they are bound to remember your brand.

Optimise for mobile

As most Pinterest traffic comes from mobile, brands need to optimise their Pinterest content for mobile users. Your pins should look great on mobile screens, and the text in your pins should be easily readable. If your pins lead to a landing page on your website, check that those pages open quickly on mobile devices with minimum loading time and that the landing page itself is optimised for mobile viewing.

Test, test, test!

Mastering Pinterest creatives is all about persistence and experimentation. Start by trying out standard and tall formats. Don’t hesitate to run split tests, tweaking different parts of your images to see what resonates best. Keep a close eye on your metrics, identify your top and bottom performers, and analyse the differences to fine-tune your approach.

Follow the guidelines above and watch your image click-throughs go up. It's time to get creative and make those images pop! Once you know what works, consider testing those high-performing organic pins as paid ads to reach a highly targeted audience: Pinterest for E-Commerce: The Ultimate Guide to Driving Sales with Pinterest

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How to Create High-Converting Pinterest Images That Guarantee Clicks!

Convert your pins into clicks! Here’s how to create images for Pinterest that will make people click. #PinterestMarketing #PinterestTips
Convert your pins into clicks! Here’s how to create images for Pinterest that will make people click. #PinterestMarketing #PinterestTips

A picture speaks a thousand words, especially on Pinterest. To attract attention, compelling images are key. Pictures that stand out in the feed are your currency on Pinterest. There are, of course, other attributes that contribute to the success of a pin. However, this blog post is focussed uniquely on the image itself, how to optimise it and maximise your chances of conversion. Here’s what you need to know to get people to click and share your pins.

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