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January 21, 2024

Pinterest Traffic Magic: Transforming Browsers into Buyers!

Reimagine Pinterest. Not just as a social media platform, but as your key to unlocking a stream of Pinterest traffic and transforming it into a customer acquisition powerhouse. Pinterest is an extremely efficient channel for bringing new customers to your (virtual or physical) doorstep! It's where thoughtful planning meets brand discovery. And, unlike other social platforms, Pinterest stands out as a visual search engine that is primarily SEO-based. This unique quality makes it an invaluable resource for driving traffic to your website. Here's why it should be a key part of your marketing strategy if you're looking for ways to introduce your brand to a new crowd.

Mary Lumley - Pinterest Expert

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Pinterest Traffic = High-Quality, Returning Customers

Pinners are planners. They're not typically impulse buyers; their purchases result from a longer, more considered journey. They often start organising for significant life events and daily activities up to six months in advance. For instance, they start preparing for holidays like Halloween and Christmas as early as July, searching for costume ideas, school outfits, and gift guides. They save inspiring pins to revisit later, ready to act on ideas they discovered months before. This means that when customers come to you from Pinterest, they've likely thought through their decision, making them high-quality, returning customers.

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Organic Traffic Driver

Pinterest excels as a highly effective platform for directing traffic to your website. Each pin you publish not only showcases your content but also serves as a direct link back to your site. This seamless integration means that people browsing on Pinterest are just a click away from engaging with your website. Very often Pinners will click, hop over to your website, read the info, and then return to Pinterest to continue their exploration.

What's more, this increased traffic to your site has another non-negligible side effect: it can positively impact your Google ranking too! As users frequently navigate between Pinterest and your website, it signals to search engines that your content is both relevant and valuable, potentially boosting your visibility in search results. This synergy between Pinterest and your website creates a cycle of engagement and discovery, making Pinterest not just a platform for inspiration, but a powerful ally in growing your online presence. 

First and Last Click Platform

Pinterest as a whole is a top of funnel platform that captures users during their research phase. Pinners explore ideas for their next purchase, whether it's a weeknight recipe, a DIY project, or their next vacation. As a 'first click' platform, it serves as the initial touchpoint with your brand. It does the heavy lifting to introduce your brand to new users who will pay a visit to your website and are open to new ideas and products.

While Pinterest is great at sparking initial interest, it's also effective at securing 'last clicks' leading to purchases. The journey on Pinterest may take longer though, as users consider their various options.

Pinterest Advertising and Attribution

Because the buying journey is different and longer than that of other platforms, accurately measuring ad campaign conversions can be tricky. Pinterest may credit itself for a sale even if the final purchase occurred on another platform. In my opinion, that is totally justified.

Why? Because for all of our clients, on average 90% of website visitors from Pinterest are new users. This means that chances are extremely high that a conversion reported by Pinterest is thanks to the discovery of our clients' brands on Pinterest first. Also, Pinterest tends to underreport on conversions, especially for high-end products that have a buying cycle that is longer than the maximum 60-day attribution window on Pinterest.

Weekly Escape to a Happy Place

Finally, unlike other apps that users might check daily, people tend to visit Pinterest weekly. However, when they do, it's usually with a clear purpose and intention. It's not just about scrolling endlessly; it's about seeking inspiration, exploring new ideas, and planning future projects.

It's also a safe and positive space that users are drawn to when they need break from the chaos of other platforms. Pinterest is their happy place! Over the last decade, Pinterest has actually made deliberate choices to engineer a more positive place online. You can read more about it here: A more positive internet? It’s possible. And, what's more, these happy folks are open to discovering brands that they've never heard of before. This makes Pinterest a great platform for brands of any size, even the lesser-known.

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Pinterest Traffic Magic: Transforming Browsers into Buyers

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